Friday, June 12, 2015

Epic Morning

I posted before about channeling Samuel L. Jackson when I realized birds were eating my garden. However, when faced with a snake I do not channel Mr. Jackson.

This morning, I was going through my normal routine. Sort of waking up, checking my phone for the latest updates around the world, start running the water in the shower to let it heat up, try to get the curious cat to jump in the shower (he never does), and then I hop in.  Started going through the shower routine: shampoo hair, wash face, rinse hair, condition hair, shave legs, rinse hair.

However, I never got past "shampoo hair".  Because I saw this in the corner.
That's right!  A snake.  It might not have been a cobra but I didn't ask to see its identification.  Instead, I hopped out of the shower with shampoo suds dripping into my eyes.  I then tried to call my boyfriend (he didn't answer), then I called my mom (she didn't answer), and then I called my dad.  Dad tells me to go get a shovel and kill it.

Instead, I burn down my house.  Seriously, Dad, "get a shovel"?  That's the worst advice ever.

So, when faced with a real snake I become a crazy person ... maybe I do channel Samuel L. Jackson.

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