Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Best Motivation

Ever have one of those moments that makes you forget everything you are stressing/worrying about and just enjoy life?  I had one of those moments the other day at the gym.

I didn't want to go to the gym.  I didn't want to work out.  I didn't want to watch the stupid TV shows that are constantly airing on the televisions at the gym.

Side note: the absolute worst TV show is the Bachelor (and any form of it like the Bachelorette).  A total train wreck on all accounts.  It just happens to be playing when I go to the gym in the evening.  I am highly superior adult and, therefore, I listen to NPR podcasts while at the gym.  But my eyes will watch the TV shows.  My eyes almost burned out of their sockets watching the Bachelor.  Don't believe me?  Next time you want to impale a railroad spike through your frontal lobe turn the Bachelor on and turn the sound off.  Then try not to gag.
If her head is ripped off then there is no need for a verbal assault. Sigh.
I digress.  

The older woman on the treadmill in front of me had the best t-shirt for the gym.  THE BEST!
You can buy the shirt through this store.
Hell yes it does!  As you can imagine, that shirt is an instant mood lifter.  It made me glad to be running at the gym.

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