Saturday, February 7, 2015

Exploring My 'Hood

I love walking around my neighborhood.  It is one of the reasons why I bought my house five years ago.  It is an established, safe, and quiet neighborhood a few block away from the Dallas city limits.  Several times a week I will walk along a route that I have walked NUMEROUS times.  I use these walks to get ideas for landscaping and curb appeal.

The same route means the same houses.  It can get ... tiresome.

I've recently decided to mix up my walks by going down streets I've never walked down before.  (Sounds like the beginning of a Bruce Springsteen song.)  This simple change of scenery has done more than just revamp my walking route it has allowed me to see the unique things in my neighborhood.
Little Free Library
I stumbled upon this Little Free Library last week.  Such a great and cute idea.  If you aren't familiar with Little Free Library check them out here or read this article about them.

Then I found this garden next to the elementary school.  A great outdoor classroom to teach students about healthy food, science, sharing, cultivation, and sustainability.

Raised garden beds.
They have a compost bin in the corner. 
There is a rain barrel next to the garden. 
The students decorated their own picket for the fence.
Another fascinating find was an estate sale down the street from my house.  Not gonna lie, I like going to other people's houses to see how my house compares to the neighborhood.  Estate sales allow me to do this legally.  (Note: I don't enter neighbors' houses illegally.  Just in case you were wondering.)
National cash register. It was sitting in the epic man cave of the house.


Cathy Hutchison said...

love this post!!!

Julie said...

Thanks, Cathy! I keep stumbling across really interesting things in my neighborhood. This might have to be a recurring post theme.