Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Share a Coke with who?!

I have been dating a lovely man for a while now and I try to keep my personal life personal.  I don't change my status on social media or express my feelings for all of the cyberworld to see.  My relationship is personal but, gosh dangit, we have some hilarious times that need to be blogged about.  So for the sake of blogging ... I'm introducing you to the boyfriend.  We will call him Nunya.  (As in Nunya Business.)

A few weeks ago I was at Nunya's house and I was being overly dramatic about how he never had Diet Coke in the house.  He has Diet Dr. Pepper but I prefer Diet Coke.  So I was being my usual bratty self and exclaiming how he never puts my wants or needs first.

Nunya said, "Whoa! Did you check the fridge?"  I said I had.  He said, "You didn't look hard enough. There is a Diet Coke in there."  I double checked and sure enough there was one Diet Coke can in the fridge.  Just for me.

That single can reminded me how lucky I am to have a wonderful man in my life.  Then I turned the can around.

"Uh, Nunya, do we need to have a talk?"  Him, "What do you mean?"  I showed him the can.
I know it is regular Coke. It is what the Internet had on hand.
We laughed for a long time.  Then I laughed even longer thinking about how legendary a story that would have been to be broken up by a Coke can.  Then I started day dreaming of all the other ways a Coke can could start a difficult conversation.  If you go to http://www.shareacoke.com/#bottle you can test it out.

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