Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Share a Coke with who?!

I have been dating a lovely man for a while now and I try to keep my personal life personal.  I don't change my status on social media or express my feelings for all of the cyberworld to see.  My relationship is personal but, gosh dangit, we have some hilarious times that need to be blogged about.  So for the sake of blogging ... I'm introducing you to the boyfriend.  We will call him Nunya.  (As in Nunya Business.)

A few weeks ago I was at Nunya's house and I was being overly dramatic about how he never had Diet Coke in the house.  He has Diet Dr. Pepper but I prefer Diet Coke.  So I was being my usual bratty self and exclaiming how he never puts my wants or needs first.

Nunya said, "Whoa! Did you check the fridge?"  I said I had.  He said, "You didn't look hard enough. There is a Diet Coke in there."  I double checked and sure enough there was one Diet Coke can in the fridge.  Just for me.

That single can reminded me how lucky I am to have a wonderful man in my life.  Then I turned the can around.

"Uh, Nunya, do we need to have a talk?"  Him, "What do you mean?"  I showed him the can.
I know it is regular Coke. It is what the Internet had on hand.
We laughed for a long time.  Then I laughed even longer thinking about how legendary a story that would have been to be broken up by a Coke can.  Then I started day dreaming of all the other ways a Coke can could start a difficult conversation.  If you go to http://www.shareacoke.com/#bottle you can test it out.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Can't Do Somber

As I wrote earlier here, I spent this past weekend remembering my Aunt Brenda.  The service was wonderful and right on the mark with everything she would have enjoyed.  My cousins did an amazing job of allowing family and friends to celebrate their mom.

I have a very close knit family.  When I think of my childhood, 90% of my memories include my extended family.  Even though we live in different cities and states we always pick up right where we left off at our last visit.  It is a very natural feeling being around so many people that I love and cherish.  For the longest time I thought everyone's family was this way.  However, I have come to find out that many of my friends don't know their cousins or interact with aunts and uncles the way I fortunately do.

At Aunt Brenda's funeral service on Saturday I sat next to her daughter, Teche.  Teche was my older sister when I was growing up.  She usually teamed up with my oldest brother to leave me behind when they wanted to go play without me.  But she also had some really cool toys that Aunt Brenda let me play with without Teche knowing so I feel like we are even.

I can't remember what Teche and I were talking about sitting in the pew waiting for the services to start but it had us in stitches laughing.  And we were trying to be quiet with our laughing because it was a funeral.  But then we started laughing harder because we were trying to keep it in.  And then it happened.

I snorted.  Loudly.
Which then made us REALLY lose it.  I was mortified.  Teche couldn't stop pointing and laughing.  It was a horrible circle of laughing really hard and trying to be quiet about it.

When the services were about to get started an announcement was made to please turn all cell phones on silent.  I thought they were also going to say "Teche and Julie ... please separate."

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Middle Finger to the Big C

This weekend I will be celebrating the life of my Aunt Brenda.  She passed away after battling lung cancer.
No idea when this was taken but that is one heck of a bouffant.
First, let me say that I love my aunt.  I have very fond memories of her.  I loved her laugh, her mannerisms, and her unconditional love.  She was a remarkable woman that I always admired.  Some of my best childhood memories involve playing at her house with my brothers and cousins.  I would sleepover sometimes and watch movies I wasn't supposed to watch with my cousins ... like 'Backdraft'.  (Go figure.)  I still remember her bringing me destination t-shirts when she would travel with my uncle.  Something I do to this day for my nephews and nieces.
My mom is holding me as I stare at the cake. I still look at cakes the same way. Aunt Brenda is on the far right. This was the 80's ... EVERYTHING is brownish.
Second, cancer can go fuck itself.  If you are offended by this statement then you haven't seen what cancer can do to a loved one.  It is a horrible disease.  If cancer was something I could kick in the nuts I would do so on an hourly basis.  I could go into a tirade of all the things I think about cancer but I have an extensive vulgar vocabulary and would hate for this blog to get banned.

So this weekend I get to remember all the good memories of my aunt.  Like how my Aunt Brenda would listen to audio books in the car when she traveled long distances.  She said it helped her stay awake.  I tested it out once and she was TOTALLY right.  So now I listen to audio books in the car on trips.  I'm actually listening to audio books on my way to Houston for the funeral service.  She would have loved that.
Christmas morning at my grandparents house. Aunt Brenda is standing in the red sweater. I'm on the floor with massive curly bangs covering my face. The 90's were awkward.
My aunt was incredibly courageous and realistic throughout the cancer treatments and illnesses.  She had such a clarity of what life means.  One of her favorite sayings was by Peter De Vries: "We are not put on this Earth to see through one another but to see one another through".  She was a living testament to it.
I imagine this is what my Uncle Mike and Aunt Brenda are doing in heaven now.