Friday, August 22, 2014

I can do math! Sort of.

You remember that time that I blogged about making homemade laundry detergent?  You don't?!  Ugh.  People!  Keep up with this stuff ... when our world falls into disarray (more so than it is now) someone will need to make detergent and YOU could be that person.

You could be that hero.  Get your act together.

Let's refresh your memory with this link to my original post about making laundry detergent.  At the bottom of that post I wrote that I wouldn't need to buy more supplies (not counting soap bars) for three years.  And guess what ... I was RIGHT!

I just made my last batch of detergent this morning and I need to buy more washing soda.  Just over 3 years from my original post!  Hot diggity damn!  Give me a Ph. D. in laundry detergent math!!!

The side note to this is that I had to buy store bought detergent a couple of months ago because life got busy and I couldn't go without clean clothes.

And all the pioneer women are giving me a side eye.  

Life happens.  However, my math was still pretty spot on.  Over the past three years I've spent $13.50 (original amount on ingredients), $6 for soaps (thank you very much, dollar store) and $3.49 on store bought detergent.  In total, I spent about $23 on laundry detergent.  OVER THREE YEARS!  That's under $8 a year!
That's enough detergent to wash all of these hippies' clothes!

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