Saturday, December 7, 2013

'Tales of a Female Nomad'

I recently finished Rita Golden Gelman's book 'Tales of a Female Nomad'.  It was life changing.  I laughed, cried and was invested in the book because, like Rita, I love to experience other cultures.  Plus, I like her moxie ... she's got some real cajones.

If you are looking for an entertaining but educational experience I recommend you read her book.

Rita started her nomadic life after realizing she wasn't living the life she had dreamed.  This book, while it tells tales of interesting adventures, is more about a person recognizing their dream and pursuing it.  She conquered fears, lived spontaneously and knew her life style would always be flexible.  She educated herself in other people's cultures and molded herself into their communities.  It is a beautiful story that breaks down international barriers and stereotypes.

I'm preparing to go on another international vacation trip and Rita's tales make me excited to push through my self-imposed boundaries.  In her book, Rita mentioned about saying "yes" whenever people invited her to do things.  I did that for one year (a few years ago) and it was the most fun I had in a long time.  Not sure why or when I stopped saying "yes" but its time to pick up the habit again.

I'm incredibly thankful to my friend Rachel for giving me Rita's book and being as passionate about Rita's journey/message as I am.  The book is now traveling on to one of my friends.  Who I keep pestering to get a passport.  This book should encourage her to do just that.

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