Sunday, December 8, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I leave this week to head down under.  Specifically, Sydney and Melbourne.  For three weeks.

Three weeks of no email, no phone and no work.  I can hardly contain myself!

Plus, I'll get to spend time with one of my best friends in her neck o' the woods and explore a community in another country.  I also have an arsenal of books that were gifted to me to enjoy on my trip (I have already finished one).  And ... it is summer in Australia.

I just witnessed Icepocalypse 2013 in Texas.  No thank you.  What the ice storm of the year allowed me to do was:
  • write this blog
  • clean my house
  • do my laundry
  • prepare the luggage so I can throw everything into it
  • write several to do lists
  • eat the food in my fridge and pantry so I don't have to throw it away before I leave
  • watch movies 
  • read by the fireplace
  • go to bed early
  • sleep in
  • edit a promotional video  (I initially wrote promo video but when I was editing the post and it looked too much like porno video.  I don't edit those.)
  • get caught up on work stuff
  • snuggle with my soft, fuzzy cat
  • slow down and enjoy the moment of being in one spot
  • be thankful that it is summer in Australia

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