Monday, December 9, 2013

How Do You Gingerbread?

I had my annual gingerbread cookie decorating party at my house last week.  I didn't have the party last year since my street was being repaved and there was no where for guests to park.  Little did I know how much people enjoy the cookie decorating party ... until you don't have it for one year.  Oh, the event is also a girls night.  Sorry, guys, you aren't invited.

This year I had my mom help out and she baked all the cookies while also helping prepare the food for the evening.  This year's party had about 20 people attend and it takes quite an effort to pull off of an organized party for 20 people in my home.  So, big thanks to my wonderful momma.

One of the things I wanted to do this year was have centerpieces for my table.  I expand my table so it'll seat 12 and put all of the cookie decorations and icing in the middle.  To make it more festive I added these:

The greenery and battery operated lights were bought at Hobby Lobby for $5.  The mason jars were gifted to me by a co-worker, the plastic fruit are from last year's Christmas tree (Christmas fruit tree ... get it?!), the plaid ribbon is leftover from the wreath hanging on my front door and the blue ornaments are from my blue and white Christmas tree decorations.  I had three on the table so it cost me $15 to make the centerpieces.  I like how they turned out and added a bit of festive decor to my simple house.

The party is promoted as a "Naughty Gingerbread Party".  Meaning, I don't expect anyone to follow any set cookie decorating guidelines.  I want people to be creative, get wild and enjoy fellowship with fun loving ladies.  I'm posting a few wholesome photos as the others I took, while hilarious, are not suitable for my PG-13 (and sometimes R-rated) blog.
Always good practice to decorate cookies on plates as the lip of the plate allows you to go crazy with sprinkles and glitter. 
Gingerbread ladies have perky tatas.
Upper right gingerbread folks: mom carrying drooling (and peeing) baby in a harness.

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