Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I took a much needed vacation day from work yesterday.  Even though I had a long weekend due to the Labor Day holiday I spent my time off at home.  I watched movies in my streaming Netflix queue, cleaned out my garage, organized my home office, caught up with friends outside of work, downsized my wardrobe, got the car's oil changed, updated legal documents, and took a nap in my guest room.

I have never taken a nap in my guest room.  I've owned my house for three years and that was the first time I took a nap in the guest room.  It was bliss!  Attila (the cat) is not allowed in the guest room so I had a 30 minute nap all to myself while he slept on my bed in my room.

I also refused to cook a great deal on my staycation.  When I cook I can spend a couple of hours standing over the stove, prepping food, washing dishes and running back and forth between pantry/fridge/oven.  This was my staycation and I wanted it to be super simple.  

Staycation simplicity was the goal.

Therefore, when I sat down to have a bite to eat for lunch I felt very European.

A glass of Pinot Gris, meats, cheeses, olives, almonds, figs and a boiled egg.  Minimal dishes to clean.  No cooking (the egg was boiled that morning).  The figs are from my parents' house in east Texas and very lovely.

On this staycation I also ignored my phone.  I could check work emails but for the most part I didn't.  I did chat with my family during the day but left all other lines of communication to wait until later.  

Sometimes this girl has just got to unplug, pretend she lives a simple life on a day to day basis and enjoy the little things ... like naps.

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Random Cathy said...

That sounds like an awesome staycation!!!