Friday, September 6, 2013

Slight Misconception About Clorox Wipes

As I stated in an earlier blog posting, I went to Oklahoma to eat a burger.  And in order for me to not feel SUPER guilty about doing so I hiked a mountain beforehand to burn some calories.  Knowing that it is FREAKISHLY HOT in Texas I packed extra stuff in case it was freakishly hot in Oklahoma.

I packed an extra change of clothes (no one likes to sit in sweaty clothes), flip flops, sunblock, water bottle, apples, granola bars, etc.  Everything you would need on a hot day.  Plus, I packed some cleaning wipes in case we couldn't find a bathroom to at least feel human again after sweltering in 100 plus degree weather.

After I picked up my friend Ashley and we were heading up the high way with the top down on Sasha I told her everything I had brought with me.  She was impressed until I got to the point about the cleaning wipes.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: I brought some cleaning wipes in case we get super dirty/sweaty. I figured they might come in handy.
Ashley: Ok.  Cleaning wipes?
Me: Yes.  Clorox cleaning wipes.  They are in the toilet paper section of the grocery store and they are used to wipe your bum but I figured they are just as safe for the rest of your body.
Ashley: Clorox cleaning wipes?! 
Me: Yes.
Ashley: To wipe your bum?!
Me: Yes!  Oh wait ... Cottonelle cleaning wipes.

After laughing hysterically for about five miles I want to stress to you ... do NOT use Clorox cleaning wipes on any part of your body.  Especially your bum.

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