Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oklahoma is OK

This past Labor Day weekend I went with my friend Ashley to Oklahoma.  To go hiking.  Up a mountain.  You heard me ... there is a mountain in Oklahoma.  Before the trip I kept using air quotation marks when I said "mountain" but then I saw it and it really is a mountain.  In Oklahoma.

I'm still shocked about it.
The view on top of Mount Scott near Lawton, Oklahoma.
You can see for miles!
Who knew Oklahoma was that pretty?!
Lake Lawtonka can be seen from the summit.
Pretty wild flowers! I didn't bother getting any closer in fear of snakes hiding in said flowers.
Close up of the rocks.

But Ashley and I did not make the 3 hour drive north just to go hike a mountain in Oklahoma.  No, we made the 3 hour drive to eat a burger.  The hiking part allotted us some calorie burning so we wouldn't feel guilty about gorging on burgers (plus fried green tomatoes, fried pickles and peach cobbler with ice cream).

Don't you dare judge us!  We hiked a friggin' mountain!
Legendary Meers Store & Restaurant. Very cool establishment.  Very long line if you don't get there early.
Fried EVERYTHING!  Fried green tomatoes and Prickles (fried bread & butter pickles).
Meers Cheeseburger and drinks in mason jars.  Slap yo' momma it is good!
I'm going to guess that is over a half gallon of homemade vanilla ice cream on top of homemade peach cobber.

By the time the peach cobbler came I had enough but I reminded myself that I just hiked a mountain.  So I pushed onward.  After about my sixth bite of cobbler I told Ashley with a very sad tone "I think I'm done."  She responded by quietly saying "Shhhhhhh" and kept right on spoon bombing the cobbler.  We laughed uncontrollably because 1) we had a massive sugar high and 2) we were exhausted.

It was a fun day trip with no agenda except to eat a burger.  The weather was great for a morning hike, the wait at Meers is customary (and we met some friendly people while in line too), and the delirious conversations that we had in the car ride home still make me laugh uncontrollably.  One of the conversations from the trip also makes me laugh hysterically when I see a container of Clorox wipes.  That story is for another blog post.

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