Monday, September 9, 2013

Education in Creativity

I'm a huge fan of Zach Braff.  Not just because of his run on the TV show 'Scrubs' but because he's a very talented artist.  He wrote, directed and acted in the 2004 movie "Garden State" for which the soundtrack won a Grammy.  By the way, Zach also picked the soundtrack sooooo ... he has great taste.
He has nice teeth, too.
He has a new movie in the works right now, "Wish I Was Here", that he and his brother wrote several years ago.  Zach received some of the funding for the movie through Kickstarter.  When I heard about the fundraising I jumped on board.  Not in the hopes that Zach would see my specific amount of moolah and think "She likes me!  She really likes me!" but because I wanted to be part of the movie making experience.  (Plus, the amount I donated was enough for an amaze-balls movie t-shirt.  I did not donate screen credit level money.)

Yeah, I was leery about donating to something I know nothing about but I also knew I had $40 worth of "fun" money to spend on whatever I wanted so I took the plunge.  And it has been a fantastic plunge at that!

For being a backer of the movie I get private access to behind the scenes videos of the movie.  I'm not one to want to be in the movie business but I do love learning.  The behind the scene videos share everything from set design to location picks to CGI studios to costume departments.  It is really fascinating to see what happens to make a movie come to life.  None of it makes me want to get into the movie making business but it does make me want to sit through a movie's end credits to see everyone's name who worked on the movie.  Plus, it makes me want to be more creative in the outlets that I do want to pursue.

So while I gave up $40 for a sweet t-shirt and behind the scenes access I feel like I'm getting an education that is worth so much more and a desire to follow my own creative whims.

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