Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cat Pranks

I don't write a lot about my cat.  And there's a good reason for it ... I'm not crazy.  While Attila is a fantastic feline I consider him more like a roommate.  A roommate who poops in a box.  A roommate who sheds everywhere.  A roommate who thinks he owns the place.

Kind of sounds like guys I know from my college days.  Box pooping and all.

Attila also thinks he's adorable (like he doesn't even know pooping in a box is not becoming).  He is also a bit mischievous.

The other morning I was finishing up my breakfast when I noticed something on the living room floor.  It was still kind of dark in my house so I had to turn on lights to see that it was a ball of cat poop.  I thought it was strange but figured I might have misplaced the tootsie roll cat turd as I was cleaning out the poop box that morning.  I wasn't sure how it got into the living room but I'm not Sherlock.  Plus, I needed to get ready for work.

Off I dashed to my bedroom.

Where I discovered ... tootsie rolls on my bed!  Cat tootsie rolls!  Tootsie rolls that belong in the poop box!

I screamed and spewed a rainbow of low brow vocabulary.  I cursed my furry roommate and went looking for him.  I found him sitting in the middle of my living room with an amused look on his face.  Apparently, in cat roommate terms, leaving tootsie rolls on the bed is the best cat prank ever.  And he could not figure out why I was so pissed.

I wish I had my camera at the time because the look he gave me resembled this ...
Attila is a seriously cute cat and that is the only reason I didn't expel him from my house.  I hope his looks continue to outlive my patience.