Monday, April 1, 2013

Exploration No. 2: Gratitude

I'm back on track for another monthly challenge.  This one I'm pretty excited about.  In case you don't know, my birthday is April 28th.  Write it down.  I'll wait for you to make a note of it in your calendar.  My blog will still be here when you get back.  My birthday is AWESOME!

I've always been a big fan of my birthday.  It is an annual celebration of a life that I have thoroughly enjoyed and, at times, made some REALLY stupid mistakes.  But I have survived the lows and highs.  My birthday is proof that I am not made to be complacent.

As you can tell, April is all about me.  However, no one else got the memo.  I realized that I should spread the good vibes of those around me with this month's personal challenge.

My goal is to write at least one thank you note each day of April.  It has to be a hand written note because I need to work on my penmanship.  Plus, I send (and receive) enough emails for my day job that I want to step away from the digital communication tools to say "thank you".  I get super excited when I receive a card in the mail and I can't wait to give someone else that same sense of "someone cares enough about me to take the time to go through this effort".

I will not post who will receive a card because I believe honest gratitude cannot be planned.  I want it to be spontaneous because that's where the honest feeling comes from.  And not every friend and family member will receive a card ... this isn't a "Who's Who" of my life.  It is about random acts of gratitude.  I'm thankful for everyone in my life (except the IRS).  However, I will post how this challenge affects my life.

Part of this monthly challenge is also to uplift myself (I can be self-centered).  I believe when I have the mind frame of gratitude I am less likely to want things I do not need and more appreciative of things I do have.  If writing a card to someone else makes me a happier person then why wouldn't I want to do it for 30 days?

If you want to join me on this challenge I welcome your participation.  If we are all saying "thank you" instead of being silent (or even worse ... saying negative things) imagine what a difference we can make in our environment.  I honestly believe it'll get better.