Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vegemite Sandwich

At the end of 2013 I'm heading to Australia for a long visit with one of my best friends.  Super excited to visit her home and explore a new place.
Perhaps I'll even learn some new animal taming tricks! Source
I've been emailing my friend my flight itinerary, figuring out the logistics of travel, coordinating time off, and planning things to do in Sydney and Melbourne.  She asked what I wanted to do while there.  So far we have the following things planned:

The hike to the Wilson Promontory Lighthouse is a day hike in and a day hike out.  I'm literally going on an Australian walkabout.  You know who else was going to go on a walkabout?  I need to learn how to throw knives.
John Locke from Lost. Source
However, the real reason I want to go to Australia is to witness the toilet flush.  By god, I want to see that water flow the opposite direction!  Honestly, I learned a lot of what I know about Australia from The Simpsons.
This will be a FANTASTIC adventure!

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