Friday, March 22, 2013

Calories for a Good Cause

A wonderful co-worker of mine is raising money for the American Cancer Society.  She's doing it because the money goes to a great cause and she has a hard time asking people for money.

I know how she feels because I loathe asking people for money (no matter what my parents say).  However, the American Cancer Society is a worthy cause because we all know people who have been affected by cancer.  Listen to me closely ... CANCER IS A BITCH!  I have had family members battle cancer and one of my aunts is currently fighting it.  I'd like to get rid of cancer pronto but I don't have the labs or research tools available to me.

But the American Cancer Society does.

Therefore, I'm helping my co-worker raise funds by spreading the word.  She is working with Chili's in Mansfield, Texas to raise money as well as accepting donations through her donation page.  This coming Monday (March 25) Chili's in Mansfield will donate up to 20% of their profit to the American Cancer Society.  If you ever wanted an excuse to eat dessert, this is it!
You must present this flyer at Chili's in Mansfield to participate in the event.
I'm proud of my co-worker for facing her fear to ask people she may not know to help in a great cause.  This experience will open her eyes to things she didn't know she could do before.  And possibly get a step closer in erasing cancer for the future.

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