Sunday, February 3, 2013

You Have Been Warned

I meet with my boss on a weekly basis.  Well, that's not true.  We meet on Fridays whenever our schedules allow.  So, my boss and I meet (on average) once a month.

I like my boss.  I like to bounce ideas off of him.  I like to listen to his stories.  I like to know what he's doing for our business.  I like for him to know what I'm doing for our business.  We laugh a lot.  It is a complete open communication.  Something I've never had with any other supervisor prior to my current company.

(From our conversations I have found that I admire his wife tremendously.  She's a very strong person to put up with his antics.)

During our one-to-one meetings I tell him everything.  In addition to business related topics, I share with him things about my personal life that may affect my work (trips, health, family, money issues, etc.)  Seriously, I tell him however much I want to tell him.

This past Friday I shared him my 2013 journey of monthly challenges that will be posted on my personal blog.  He looked at me like I was telling him I was going to wear a furry outfit to work from now on.
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I explained to him that all of my monthly challenges are meant to explore my preconceived barriers and push me out of my self-absorbed routine.  My challenges are meant to make me a more well-rounded person and better employee.

After I shared with him some of my upcoming challenges he was really excited for me.  And he wanted me to add swimming to my monthly challenges (he's an excellent swimmer and back in competitive swimming).  I politely told him it was my science fair experiment and he should go get his own.

He's been warned.  You've been warned.  I will promise to never wear a furry costume.  Not only is it REALLY weird but I imagine those costumes stink like crazy.

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