Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love Birds

Yesterday, my parents celebrated 39 years of marriage.  Maybe you didn't hear me ... THIRTY NINE YEARS!  They met in middle school.  Married young when Mom was 19 and Dad was 17.  They didn't marry for money.  (And, if they did, where the heck is it?!)  They didn't marry for social status.  And they never sugar coated that a lasting marriage takes effort.
Dad's senior year photo.  The '70s were a crazy facial hair time.
Mom on the morning of their wedding.
I've always known my parents to be best friends.  They were a united force in raising my brothers and me even though we tried to get them to take sides.  (Ok, that may have just been me when I wanted to go to a friend's house ... but I digress.)  They had disagreements but they always came back to common ground.  Better yet, they discussed why they had disagreements with my brothers and me.  They showed us that a real life marriage is not a Disney story ... there were highs and lows.  And because of this open communication I had a happy childhood and an amazing family.  And we definitely had a lot more highs than lows.
They were married in Breaux Bridge, LA.  I still go to this church for family events. 
My parents are still a lot of fun.  We goof off, we make jokes, and we are still a strong family.  My parents, with their empty nest, have resorted to being teenagers again.  They like to explore new cities, go dancing, listen to music, and giggle.
My parents still goof off like this.  If this photo wasn't dated on the back I would have thought this was taken last week.
This is written on the back of the photobooth photo.
I'm thankful for having parents that are smart, cute as buttons and extremely loving.  They are the foundation of my successes in life and continue to provide me guidance to keep improving.  Plus, I'm honored to have two people who love each other and those around them.  I couldn't be happier for them to celebrate 39 years.
I don't know whose birthday this was but the '80s sure were brown.