Sunday, February 17, 2013

Culture Adventure at Home

Yesterday, I felt like cruising around my city.  I drive around it all the time but I have never mindlessly driven to look at stuff.  There are unique shops everywhere but I'm usually driving past them all on my way to a specific destination at a specific time.

Yesterday ... I had no agenda.  The main goal was to enjoy my surroundings.

I went to the library.  I checked out a book and sat outside near a fountain to read.  The weather was sunny and cool.  Might as well enjoy it while it is here.

My friend, Ashley, met me at the library and then we went exploring.  Ashley and I are infatuated with good food.  I was out of curry paste and she hadn't been to the Asian market in Richardson, Texas.
Tian Tian Supermarket is an adventure!  Amazing Asian spices, pantry items, produce and meat.  They offer cuts of meat that most Americans don't even know you can eat.  Their seafood selection of fresh Tilapia (they are actually swimming around), lobsters and crabs (some bigger than my head) is fun to explore.  There is produce that I 1) don't know how to pronounce, 2) don't know where it is from and 3) not sure how you cook/eat it.  I want to buy all of it!!!

After the Asian market, Ashley and I went to grab lunch at Huong Ly.  A nice, sunny, cool day called for pho soup.  And, boy howdy, it was AMAZING!  The place is a no frills restaurant just down the strip mall from Tian Tian.  There were several dining options in the strip mall but pho was needed!
We both ordered soup and a shredded beef sandwich to split.  The soup is $5.95 for a small bowl.  The sandwich was $3.  Honestly, one sandwich is enough for a meal but splitting it was ideal.  Plus, the sandwich was ungodly tasty ... didn't anticipate it being that good but holy cow it was amazing.  Shredded beef, cabbage, shredded carrots, a sweet sauce and cilantro.  Seriously.  Amazing.

After lunch, Ashley and I then ventured to a place I stumbled upon this morning.  Sara's Market.  It is an unassuming Mediterranean market.  We both bought the pita bread because when you pick up the plastic bag they are in ... it still weighs nothing.  The pita is light, fluffy and made in-house.  Oh, and it is only $1 for a packet of six.
I'm seriously glad I stumbled upon this place.  Their meat section has a wide variety of lamb (which I love) and their produce is fresh.  I honestly can't wait to go back and do a lot more of my grocery shopping at a place that really values quality without hiking up prices.

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