Saturday, February 2, 2013

Can't Believe It

I can't believe what I did yesterday.  You won't believe what I did yesterday.  But I have the receipt to prove it!

I turned down happy hour with the co-workers to go to yoga.  SHOCKING!
Delicious and comes with your own personal appetizer of olives!  Photo source.
A local yoga studio, The Mat, has a Groupon for one month of unlimited yoga for $29.  Budget and monthly challenge friendly!  I snagged it up and went to my first session last night.  

I went to yoga instead of a bar.  I might be taking this monthly challenge thing a little seriously.

The Mat has a 6:30 PM class on Fridays called Mat Restorative.  A friend at my gym highly recommended it to me several months ago so I thought I might as well use it as the start to my yoga monthly challenge.  While you can do yoga anywhere I wanted to start off my journey by going to a studio.  The instructors help you with form, encourage you through the process, and show modifications for those of us that need them.
Restorative yoga is low stress and quite relaxing. Photo source.
I'm happy to report that my first session of yoga was great.  It was better than great ... it was AMAZE-BALLS!  Mat Restorative is great after a very stressful week (which I had) and perfect for beginners (which I am).  While I love hanging with my co-workers, going to yoga was actually what I needed to decompress.  While trying to clear my mind of the week's happenings never lasted for long during the yoga session I did appreciate the few brief moments I was able to be calm and focused.  Those were the best.  And I'm looking forward to learning how to do that more often.

Now, if I can find a yoga studio AND bar all-in-one I'll be set!

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