Monday, February 4, 2013

Bargaining for Calories

This past Saturday a friend and I went to an Allen Americans minor league hockey game.  A few years ago I went to almost every game they had because, little did I know at the time, I'm a violent person.


I actually think it is an amazing sport.  Constant action with a little bit of fighting thrown in for good measure.  How can you not like a sport like that?!  It still amazes me that they take a hit, fall and pop right back up.  Most of the time I'm yelling at them to "stay down" because I figure they won't get hit again if they are already laying on the ice.

Hockey players never listen.

Saturday's game was a close one.  My friend and I made a pact with each other during the third period: if the game goes into overtime then we were going to get Nestle Toll House Cookies.  The cookies are sold at a kiosk in the lobby of the arena.

Seriously!!!  Hockey + cookies = dream come true.

I was torn.  I wanted the team to win right then and not have to go into overtime.  BUT ... I also wanted cookies.  The fat kid in me was yelling "RUN OUT THE CLOCK!"  The fan in me was yelling "SHOOT THE PUCK THROUGH THE GOALIE'S EYES!"  (So, I might be a little violent when it comes to hockey.)

Sure enough.  The game went into overtime.  My friend and I raced to the lobby to get our ultimatum prize.  However, the cookies were all sold out.  We were devastated.  I wanted to cry a little bit and throw a tantrum.  Instead, I mustered on as an adult and went back to my seat cookie-less.

Overtime was great but neither team scored.  However, there was a lovely fight in front of us and the opposing team ended up with a bloody nose.  So I feel like we did get a small victory after all.

During the shootout we ended up losing the game which was heartbreaking.

I still love my local team.  And I still love cookies.  Next time I hope both of my loves pull through for a win.
What I think I look like when eating cookies.
What I actually look like when eating cookies.

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