Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shout Out: Hotel Monaco in Alexandria

I love comfy hotels.  Especially when I travel for business because I need somewhere I can unwind and relax away from the comforts of home.  My company has an office in Alexandria, Virginia and I traveled there a few months ago.  It just so happen that my favorite hotel in Alexandria was running a special rate for the holidays and turned out to be the most economically feasible to stay at (good steward of my company's money, I am).
Leopard print robe ... YES!
Hotel Monaco (@KimptonInDC) is part of the Kimpton Hotel chain.  Boutique hotels that really know how to cater to guests and make any length of stay enjoyable.  For a business traveler, they offer more amenities that make being away from home not as challenging.  I'm part of their loyalty program (free to sign up for) and receive freebies with each stay like Internet access and complimentary goodies from the mini bar.
During my stay (beginning of December) they had hot apple cider in the lobby during their evening complimentary wine reception as well as mints in tins for special guests.  They also offer a pet friendly atmosphere and some months have happy hours for dogs traveling with guests on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the courtyard.
The Kimpton Hotel loyalty program is great, too!  When filling out their online form the questions asked include what kind of pillow I prefer, what music I like, do I prefer a quiet space, etc.  All of my answers are taken into account when I book a room.  When I arrive to my room I have extra pillows and blankets (LOVE), the iHome docking station is set to classical music and turned on, and I'm high enough in the hotel to not hear street traffic.  Their furniture is comfortable, fashionable and smart.  I love their desks because they have electrical outlets built in ... great for those of us using a laptop on a continuous basis.
Plus, their folks are just dang nice.  I've had the opportunity to attend a conference at this hotel in the past and they really do cater to your every need.  Visitor comfort is always a priority and their customer service is excellent.  If you have the chance to pick a hotel to stay at in Alexandria I'd recommend Hotel Monaco.  Great location in Old Town and the perfect home away from home.
Instead of a Bible you'll find Washington, D.C. travel books in the desk.

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