Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dunking Skillz

My cat can dunk better than your cat.

Hi, crazy cat lady here.  Yeah ... my cat is better than your cat.  As a matter of fact, my cat is better than your honor roll kid.  Honestly Jules = 1.  Proud parent of a human = 0.  My blog, my rules.

But my cat does dunk ... his toys.  After he's done playing with his little toy mouse he dunks it in his water bowl and then places it in his food bowl.  I never understood why until I googled it.
Infamous toy mouse having a tea party at the food bowl.
Cat whisperer, Saundra Collins, explains "... some felines plunge their favorite toys in their water bowl or even on top of their food. The most probable reason seems to be the cat sees the eating area as the safest and most central place in his/her indoor terrain and therefore stocks his/her toy there after playtime."  The full article can be found here.

Ain't that interesting?!  My cat may in fact be smarter than your honor roll kid.

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