Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holidays Schmolidays

I love the holidays.  Spending time with friends and family, sleeping in, reading books, and just good ol' relaxation are a few of my favorite things.
Yes, I did bust out in song.  And I bet you are singing it in your head, too.
However, I loathe work around the holidays.  Everyone goes from "crazy busy" to "batshit crazy" to "the world's imploding" on the scale of trying to get work done.  Fiscal deadlines, last minute projects, and a short schedule is the reason for this fanatical display of the professionals' freak out moments.  While your co-workers may be wearing Santa hats and wishing you good cheer on the inside their lower intestine is being tied in knots over not finishing a quarterly report.

(You are welcome for not showing THAT picture.)

I can't wait for my holiday break to spend with family and friends.  Cocktails, leisure sipping of coffee, strolling around the neighborhood, laughing, and generally forgetting about all responsibilities for a week are a few of my SERIOUSLY favorite things.  It'll allow for my lower intestine to unwind and lower my threat level from "the world's imploding" to "batshit crazy".