Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dallas Flea Market

Yesterday, I ventured to the monthly Dallas Flea Market.  I like to shop local and the flea market offered the perfect venue to do so.  Parking is free and it costs $5 to enter.
The various booths include jewelry, clothes, furniture, artwork, antiques, food, candles, dog collars ... there is a lot of variety.  Each booth is managed by the artist or owner and it is a lot of fun to hear how they have created their business.  I definitely recommend exploring the Dallas Flea Market and finding one of a kind gifts or friends.  Or for yourself ... I won't judge.

3 Bears Studio - -
One of my favorite vendors of the day!  I will probably buy a crap load of the art because I adore quirky and whimsy.

Christina Walker -
Interesting cards made from her photos.  You can send someone a handmade card without YOU having to make the card.  Just sign, seal, deliver and it'll look like you are as crafty as Christina Walker.

F. is for Frank - -
I love this jewelry because I haven't seen anything like it out there yet.  It is fresh, cool and curious.

Folksie - -
Cool chevron designs, unique bags, handmade clothing, and very comfy cowl scarves (I bought a few).  They can also be found in Bishop Arts at Indie Genius at 409 N. Zang Blvd.

Le Gourd on Blue -
These carved gourds are really interesting and one of a kind.  The vendor had them lit up with bulbs inside to show off the intricate details.

Hip & Hippie -
Absolutely love their candles!  The paper on the candles should be planted because they have wildflower seeds in the paper.  Every part of the product is sustainable and recyclable.
Burning in my house as I'm writing this post.  Smells lovely!
Each candle comes with a charm.
Happy Cactus Designs - - Twitter @hapcactus
Seriously cool designs on cards.  Makes me want to go back to snail mail and write some very deserving friends.  In fact, I was so inspired I bought some of their cards so I could do just that!

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