Friday, December 28, 2012

Keep it Klassy

I realized I have asked a single question too often within the last week.  I've asked co-workers, friends and family the same question.  Here is the question:

Is it hot in here or am I just drunk?

So far, the answer has been "it is hot in here".  Followed by "and, yes, you are drunk".

Being ladylike it SO boring.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me

I did something very un-Amercian this Christmas.  I only bought presents for the kids in my family.  Nephews and nieces got one present a piece.  No presents were bought for the adults.  Shocking, I know.

In an effort to continue on my road to being financially responsible I only bought what I could afford for the kids.  As for my brothers' households I ended up making them three separate dinners, froze them and included cooking/heating instructions with each of the dishes.  Each meal can feed at least 8.  If you calculate the meals to eating out ... their gifts are worth about $240.  They get a home cooked meal without having to dirty a mixing bowl or getting special ingredients at the store.  And those meals are perfect when life gets hectic.

I ended up getting the best Christmas present this year; a financially stable January 2013.

Here is the interesting thing ... Christmas with my family was still fantastic no matter the number of presents.  The kids loved opening up presents (I could have wrapped an empty box and they would have loved it) and we spent time together as a family.

Sometimes we (as a culture) get so consumed with buying more, bigger and newer that we lose sight of what we really need.  I needed to spend time with my family and enjoy their company.  I needed to not spend beyond my budget if I wanted to be able to do more for them in the future.  And I needed to prove to myself that my wants are never better than my needs.
I needed a snowman.  So I built one.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holidays Schmolidays

I love the holidays.  Spending time with friends and family, sleeping in, reading books, and just good ol' relaxation are a few of my favorite things.
Yes, I did bust out in song.  And I bet you are singing it in your head, too.
However, I loathe work around the holidays.  Everyone goes from "crazy busy" to "batshit crazy" to "the world's imploding" on the scale of trying to get work done.  Fiscal deadlines, last minute projects, and a short schedule is the reason for this fanatical display of the professionals' freak out moments.  While your co-workers may be wearing Santa hats and wishing you good cheer on the inside their lower intestine is being tied in knots over not finishing a quarterly report.

(You are welcome for not showing THAT picture.)

I can't wait for my holiday break to spend with family and friends.  Cocktails, leisure sipping of coffee, strolling around the neighborhood, laughing, and generally forgetting about all responsibilities for a week are a few of my SERIOUSLY favorite things.  It'll allow for my lower intestine to unwind and lower my threat level from "the world's imploding" to "batshit crazy".

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dallas Flea Market

Yesterday, I ventured to the monthly Dallas Flea Market.  I like to shop local and the flea market offered the perfect venue to do so.  Parking is free and it costs $5 to enter.
The various booths include jewelry, clothes, furniture, artwork, antiques, food, candles, dog collars ... there is a lot of variety.  Each booth is managed by the artist or owner and it is a lot of fun to hear how they have created their business.  I definitely recommend exploring the Dallas Flea Market and finding one of a kind gifts or friends.  Or for yourself ... I won't judge.

3 Bears Studio - -
One of my favorite vendors of the day!  I will probably buy a crap load of the art because I adore quirky and whimsy.

Christina Walker -
Interesting cards made from her photos.  You can send someone a handmade card without YOU having to make the card.  Just sign, seal, deliver and it'll look like you are as crafty as Christina Walker.

F. is for Frank - -
I love this jewelry because I haven't seen anything like it out there yet.  It is fresh, cool and curious.

Folksie - -
Cool chevron designs, unique bags, handmade clothing, and very comfy cowl scarves (I bought a few).  They can also be found in Bishop Arts at Indie Genius at 409 N. Zang Blvd.

Le Gourd on Blue -
These carved gourds are really interesting and one of a kind.  The vendor had them lit up with bulbs inside to show off the intricate details.

Hip & Hippie -
Absolutely love their candles!  The paper on the candles should be planted because they have wildflower seeds in the paper.  Every part of the product is sustainable and recyclable.
Burning in my house as I'm writing this post.  Smells lovely!
Each candle comes with a charm.
Happy Cactus Designs - - Twitter @hapcactus
Seriously cool designs on cards.  Makes me want to go back to snail mail and write some very deserving friends.  In fact, I was so inspired I bought some of their cards so I could do just that!