Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shout Out: KAZE Sushi & Hibachi Restaurant

I met my brother the day before Thanksgiving for lunch.  When we were thinking about food options I chose sushi as I imagined he and I would not be having raw fish for Thanksgiving.  I'm pretty sure the pilgrims didn't have sushi at the first Thanksgiving.  However, they probably didn't have green bean casserole, either.
Located at the northwest corner of Greenville and Walnut Hill.
Anyway, I told my brother to meet me at KAZE Sushi & Hibachi Restaurant in Dallas.  I had been there once before for a friend's birthday dinner and it was pretty good.  Plus, the location was perfect for me while I was running errands and for my brother who was working from home.

I was pleasantly surprised that KAZE has a lunch special; $8.95 gets you a salad, soup and five small plates of sushi.  And, the best part, the sushi comes on a conveyor belt!  Yes, a conveyor belt of food.  The sushi is cut in front of you and the chefs put it on the revolving conveyor belt that runs the parameter of the sushi pit.  I don't know if where the chefs stand is called the sushi pit but that's what I'm calling it.
The conveyor sushi is like the ring girl in a boxing ring ... showing off the goods.
The sushi is really good quality.  The lunch special is perfect because you get to try out different rolls and cuts of sushi while not breaking the bank.  My brother and I each grabbed a sixth small plate ($1.25 each on top of the lunch special) just so we could be adventurous and try sushi we hadn't had before.
The lunch casualties.
The lunch was fantastic!  Not only did I have great company but if I wanted a quick sushi lunch this is the place to go.  The conveyor belt allows you to eat and get out in under 30 minutes.  But why would you want to rush when there are koi ponds to stare at outside.
Fish food can be bought inside to feed the fish.
KAZE also has hibachi but I have yet to try it.  Perhaps next time but for now conveyor belt food is the best thing since sliced bread.  Or sliced super white tuna.  YUM!

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