Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop Local

Today is Black Friday.  I loathe Black Friday.  I don't care for the mad rush to gobble up consumerism.  People going batshit crazy to save money on items they don't really need doesn't sound like my idea of a good Friday morning.  

If you partake in Black Friday don't be batshit crazy.  It is unbecoming.

However, I will be doing shopping tomorrow on Small Business Saturday.  There are several local businesses I shop at to buy gifts for family and friends.  I like keeping my money local and getting to know the owners.  Their quality of product is better and the customer service is outstanding (not going to find that at Walmart).  The way that small businesses survive is by having repeat customers and they tend to go out of their way to make sure you are receiving the best care.
If you choose to shop at small, local businesses tomorrow I would recommend shopping with cash.  Small businesses, just like the big box stores, are subject to the credit card processing fees.  Paying with cash keeps more of your money in your town.

I love Small Business Saturday.  It gives me the chance to explore and support my community while enjoying the shopping experience.  The unique finds I purchase are always a big hit with the gift receiver and spreads the love of small business.

Above all else please remember to not be batshit crazy. 

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