Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ladies Afternoon Tea

A few of my female co-workers and I attended afternoon tea this past Saturday at Maudee's off of Lovers Lane in Dallas.  Afternoon tea is a meal eaten between 3pm-5pm and, historically, offered sustenance to the working class poor to make it through a day full of doldrums.

Right. Up. My. Alley.
It is the little things that I love!  All of the place settings were set appropriately and the china was impeccable. 
First of all, Maudee's is a darling place.  The owners (third owners of the establishment) are wonderful folks and their cook does food justice.  When you visit, ask Sharon to give you the history of Maudee's.  If she doesn't tell you the story about their front door make sure you ask.  The previous owner had it shipped from overseas.

My friends and I have been on the hunt for things to do in Dallas that would allow us to call ourselves "ladies".  I'm going more for a "lady of leisure" but my bank account ain't fat enough.  Anyhoo, afternoon tea was our first step in the endeavor.

If you want to enjoy afternoon tea at Maudee's you must make a reservation.  You don't have to be but I would also suggest you are female.  Also, don't be shocked when you attend tea to find yourself the youngest person in the room.  The grandmotherly figures at the nearby tables looked at our table with loving eyes and never flinched at our cackling.

Back to the afternoon tea experience, Maudee's provides four courses.
Menu: side 1
First course: sorbet
Second course: assorted tea sandwiches
Third course: pumpkin muffin and scone
Third course comes with (left to right) clotted cream, jam and lemon curd 
Fourth course: DESSERT!
The food was delicious!  However, you may be saying, "WHERE THE HECK IS THE TEA?!"  Don't get your big girl panties in a wad ... I'm saving the best for last.  The tea is amaze-balls!
Tea list ... choose wisely
The table gets one teapot and everyone drinks the same tea.  However, you can get as much tea as you would like.  (Mack, the other half of the owner duo, politely explains how afternoon tea works when you first sit down and where their bathroom is located.  He's a good, wise man.)  My table ordered the Black Boysenberry Apricot Black Tea, Strawberry Champagne White Tea, and Raspberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea.  All were amazingly delicious.  If you have questions about any of the teas the owners will be happy to explain them to you.  Not only do they serve up tea they are quite knowledgeable about all of them.
A real tea party!
Dessert with the Raspberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea was the perfect pairing!
Strawberry Champagne White Tea ... YUM!
I definitely felt more ladylike after my adventure at afternoon tea.  The ladies and I giggled, shared stories, and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.  In our quest to find more ladylike things to do in Dallas I'm kind of sad that we will mark this off our list.  However, I'm really excited to go do it again but this time as a veteran afternoon tea lady!

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