Monday, November 5, 2012

Conversations with Mom

I called my mom today to discuss upcoming travel plans and everything else I had going on.  You know ... regular Monday talking.  This is what happened.

Me: I went to pick up the rental car and they were out of economy cars.  So I got upgraded!
Mom: Cool! What did you end up getting?
Me: I got a Chevy Impala!  Guess who will be riding dirty this week?!  This gal! (points two thumbs at myself)
Mom: (sarcastically) Ok.  Be careful while you "ride dirty".
Me: Sho' thang!  Mom, I gotta run.  I'm at the library and need to get some audio books for my trip.
Mom: Yeah, that's real gangster of you.

Thug life has a library card.

1 comment:

Gator said...

Thuggish ruggish to the bone. Well played gangsta. And your Mom totally rocks. I see where you might get a bit of your awesomeness.