Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Advice from the Wall

I have a lovely new co-worker who just moved to Dallas from Atlanta.  I met her over the weekend at afternoon tea with some lady friends.

Side note: Afternoon tea was awesome!  Read about it here.

We will name this new co-worker Kardashian.  Her nickname, for the sake of this blog, comes from her height (she's a giant), she's gorgeous (she's a leggy supermodel), and she drools over foreign athletes.  Appropriate nickname, no?

Kardashian moved into an apartment that has paper thin walls.  She found this out when her neighbors started a discussion.  A discussion at 2:00 am.  A discussion that lasted for two hours.  Better yet, the discussion is a recurring night time ritual.  Kardashian didn't know what to do about these noisy neighbors but she had some good advice for them.

The ladies at tea all agreed, "You should tell them your advice!"

I found out today at work that Kardashian did just that.  Saturday night, as she laid in bed listening to the recurring nightly discussion, she told the wall, "It sounds like you both want to move but it does not sound like you want to move together."  Next thing you know ... silence.  I guess the neighbors didn't know they could be overheard or maybe the wall was giving them great advice.

Kardashian slept that night.

The next night, while Kardashian slept, she heard, "Hey, you there?"  She didn't speak, move or breathe in hopes that the noisy neighbors would drift off to sleep.  Then she heard, "Hellooooooo?"

Kardashian finally whispered, "I'm here."  And then proceeded to spout off advice to the neighbors' questions.  Through the wall.


Well, actually prisoners do that but Kardashian doesn't live in a jail.  She's a bit flabbergasted by it.  I couldn't offer any advice to her on the matter because I was too busy trying to breathe from all the laughing.