Friday, September 7, 2012

Wholesome Vegas

This past weekend I ventured out west to Las Vegas.  While the journey for riches is mainly an illusion allowing visitors to escape reality the germs that infest the town are quite real (and many visitors leave with those germs).  Not to fret, though.  I went to spend some time with my parents who are temporarily living near Vegas while working on a project.

I've been to the Vegas strip before.  Been there, done that.  It was germy. 

This trip was to relax poolside at my parents' house and do some site seeing.  I love history.  I love cool things.  I love things that are just plain amazing.  Therefore, I went to Hoover Dam. 
Flying over the dam on my way to Vegas.
After watching the PBS American Experience special on Hoover Dam I have always wanted to go see the dam.  The engineering it took to build the structure is amazing but the dam project also provided a way out of the Great Depression for many of the workers.  It symbolizes a coming together of America and provides a sustainable resource for a large part of the country.  If there were no Hoover Dam there would be no 'Thunder From Down Under' or 'Siegfried and Roy'.
Don't think about all the water flowing through this tunnel as you are standing on top of it.  Creepy!
Where the magic happens!  Electricity, that is.
Beautiful floor leading into the power plant of the dam.
Creepy hallway to walk from elevator to generators.  This is where they put all the bad children.
Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.  Arizona is on the left and Nevada is on the right.
Lake Mead behind the dam.
Winged Figures of the Republic near the dam.  Legend has it if you rub their toes they will bring you good luck.
Not sure why my face is photo bombing my own picture but I rubbed the patina off of it.

The dam from Lake Mead.
Not my photo but Lake Mead is gorgeous!
Hoover Dam is such a cool experience!  And, in case you were wondering, each time I tried to type the word "dam" for this posting I wrote "damn".  Habits die hard.