Wednesday, August 1, 2012


In case you live under a rock or are a Communist, the Olympics are in full swing in the country we spanked back during the Revolutionary War United Kingdom.  I love sports.  I also love hot guys (hello, USA men's volleyball team).  I love being patriotic.  However, I loathe McDonald's and not really sure how they equate being an Olympic sponsor with trans fats but I guess dollars speak louder than obesity.

Excuse me ... climbing down from my soap box takes a moment as it is pretty high.

Now, where were we?  Oh, yes.  Olympics.

Sports.  All the time.  Energy bill is going to be HUGE!

However, watching this many sports in a short amount of time has an adverse affect on me.  I now believe I'm qualified to be a judge for any event I have watched so far during the Olympics.  From the comfort of my American living room I argue with the Olympic judges, I critique athletes on what they should have done better, and I feel prepared to defend the unofficial scores I give each athlete.

I may have never done gymnastics and if I ever went off the high diving board it was because my older brothers teased me into doing it when I was 8.  However, thanks to NBC, Twitter, and online streaming ... I can now be the most annoying person in the room.
Olympic Event: Revolutionary War Awesomeness!

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