Thursday, July 5, 2012

Raise Money for Implants

Did you know you can ask cyber space to help you raise money for breast implants?!  Seriously.

I'm kind of dumbfounded that people actually give money to complete strangers for this type of thing.  Then I'm even more dumbfounded that I have not done this.  I don't mean beg strangers for breast implants (and I use "beg" loosely because there is no effort in having a website do the begging for you) but I would like to start raising funds for the following causes:
  • Get me out of debt!
  • My house needs a new roof!
  • My driveway needs to be replaced!
  • I want to decorate my house with really expensive furniture and art!
  • I think I would look good in a convertible!
  • There is a killer dress at Nordstroms and I don't want to break my bank to buy it so I'll break yours!
  • Backyard chickens need feed!
The list could go on and on.  I put an exclamation at the end of each item because it allows you to read that sentence with excitement.  Instead "BOOB IMPLANTS!" it reads "BACKYARD CHICKEN FEED!"  See?!  Very exciting.

If you need to throw some money at someone I am that someone.  Bill Gates, this post is directed towards you!


Gator said...

I'm totally on board with this idea, however MY list would read:

Shotgun shells!
Beretta Teknys!
Polo ponies!

Carry on. I shall send you a few pennies to support your boob cause ;-)

Julie said...

We are definitely going to coordinate a carwash. Carwash and hard lemonade stand. I hope we don't need a permit for those.