Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Shower is Cleaner Than Your Shower

As I was wasting away hours of my life on Pinterest the other day I came across a pin for this lovely tidbit,  This blogger tests Pinterest items and states how well they work.  She did this one for a tub cleaner.

She claimed it work, I had a tub that needed to be cleaned, vinegar was in the pantry, and blue Dawn was under the kitchen sink.  Can't really say "no" when you have everything on hand.

I made the mixture (equals part heated vinegar to blue Dawn) and sprayed the bath tub generously.  I also tried it out on my shower glass door.  I let it sit for over an hour and went back through to marvel at the progress.

The tub actually looks a lot better.  I'll probably do another application but it is noticably cleaner.  I will definitely be treating myself to a bubble bath one day soon.

As for the shower, HOLY COW!  It works!  I didn't take a picture of the tub but I should have.  I did take a picture of the shower, though.  I did the glass part on the right first.  When I saw how well it worked I had to hurry and do the left side.  After I sprayed the left side I realized I need to take a picture to show how well it works.  The shower looks like it did when I first moved in.  Pretty awesome!
I'm definitely sold on this concoction of vinegar and Dawn.  So easy and no elbow grease needed.  Another Pinterest idea was to apply RainX on the shower glass.  I might have to do that next time!

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