Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who Runs Barter Town?!

I don't get star struck.  However, it is fun to see actors and musicians in the real world because I feel like they are invading my turf.  I want to shout "I run Barter Town!" but I would need a midget to complete the entire shouting scene.  (If you have not seen 'Mad Max' you are the reason why Mel Gibson hates the Jewish community.  Shame on you!)

On a frequent flight from Spain to London I had the good fortune of sitting next to Rufus Sewell.  He was the dark/bad knight in "A Knight's Tale".  
I refrained from shouting at him, though.  He was, after all, on vacation with his girlfriend (pictured with him above).  I very nonchalantly gawked at him and did a very well rehearsed googly eyed smile.  He's probably still having night tremors from my idea of a pleasant smile.
What I imagine my face looked like during the entire flight.

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Unknown said...

The second picture looks like a younger Mr.Bean, which I assume is still appropriate for the topic.

And you posted this at 5:30 am?!? -Jessica