Friday, June 8, 2012

Moments in the Sun

I spent 10 glorious days on vacation.  Traveled to the UK then to the southern coast of Spain and spent quality time with some of my best gal pals.  We laid by the pool, lounged on the beach, ate and drank to our hearts' content, formed our own vacationers book club, and napped when the life of luxury was getting rough.  To sum it up: RELAXING.

Then I came back to reality.  My carefree 10 days of liberation were the sun and, since I'm Icarus, I flew too close, got burned, and crashed back into middle class America. 

Oh, the agony!

Enjoy my moments in the sun.
Everybody in London was sitting in the park.  Not sure if they have jobs to be at but the weather was lovely.
Looking out over the River Thames in London on our way to Richmond Park.

This is where I took naps.

In the City of Malaga, hometown of Pablo Picasso.
Deb and Sarah on our tour bus around Malaga.

In Granada at the Alahambra.  Amazing gardens.  They will NOT allow you to pick the flowers, though.

No dogs but they did have a pony show.
Flamenco dancing.  Great cardio but requires a lot of stage makeup.

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