Thursday, June 21, 2012

Judging Books by Their Covers (and Smells)

I live in suburbia.  I work in downtown.  I don't like driving.  Therefore, I ride the train to work.  The 30 minute ride gives me ample time to read emails, send emails, check up on family and friends through Facebook, lose at Words with Friends, listen to music and read books.  The 30 minutes really do fly by.

However, I left out the one activity that really eats up the 30 minutes ... people watching.  Oh, Lawdy!  It makes me happy.

People watching on the train allows me to create little stories about the individuals who ride my train.  And when I say "little stories" I mean "far fetched creations that would make great blockbuster Hollywood movies". 

For example, a guy about my age (early 30s) got on my train carrying a skateboard.  He was dressed in khakis and a plaid shirt.  So my mind started racing as to why he had a skateboard and if he lived with his mother.  Maybe he was a hipster creative director at a fancy ad agency.  Or maybe his ex-wife took him for all his money and left him nothing but a skateboard.  Or maybe he was a serial killer that the news anchors dubbed "the skateboard slasher".

Seriously, it makes the ride incredibly entertaining!  You just can't get that kind of entertainment sitting on the interstate waiting for traffic to move.

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