Monday, May 7, 2012

Vulcan Syndrome

Last Friday I went out drinking with my co-workers.  It got wild.  It got crazy.  It got ... numb.
No joke.

At some point during the evening I started to realize that my left ring finger and left pinky finger were going numb.  My first thought, "I'm having a heart attack!"  My second thought, "Am I wearing clean underwear?!"

Thankfully, the answers were: no and yes.  In that order.

A quick scan of the Internet found the culprit ... ulnar nerve compression.  Sounds pretty sexy.  But it ain't.  It means that I rest my chin on my left hand while I'm working causing that nerve to get pinched. 

Don't worry!  There are exercises I can do to get rid of the numbness.  I started doing them as soon as possible.  And I do them three times a day.  One time I did them at the gym (awkward) and another time at the grocery store (clean up on aisle three).

Thankfully, there is no heart attack.  However, the Internet didn't say anything about turning into a Vulcan.

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