Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary

My blog has turned a year old.  Oh joy!  It is now eating solid foods and officially off the teat.

This past year has seen highs and lows but I find a lot of joy in looking back and reading my postings.  From my drug induced stupor surrounding my tonsillectomy to delicious recipes to exploring new adventures.

Things are just getting started, too!  So many more stories to post.  My baby blog is growing into a toddler.  Get ready for my maturity into the blogging terrible twos and potty training. 

Gosh!  So much fun to be had!


Gator said...

Congratulations, happy bloggy birthday and happy blogging anniversary! Moral of this story, we should celebrate! Immediately.

Keep up the most excellent work Sister. And might I suggest we call it the "Terrific Twos?" I think that's a much better descriptor. Now please, carry on.

Julie said...

Let's figure out a river floating trip weekend. Lord knows I need to drink heavily and pee on myself.

We could also knock out our best seller over that weekend.