Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Job

Yesterday was the first day at my new job.  At all of my previous jobs, the first day is kind of lackluster and a lot of sitting around.  First days are filled with new hire paperwork and saying hello to new co-workers.  You know, normal stuff.

However, yesterday was abnormal.  All of the new hire paperwork was done last week.  I did meet and greet several new co-workers but some I have known for a while.  I spent my first day swimming in business and marketing plans, reviewing collateral, attending meetings, developing tasks, and deciphering all of the information thrown in my direction.  WHEW!

My saving grace?  The co-workers.  I work with a group of folks who have tons of talent and a healthy sense of humor.  They kept me laughing most of the day and I figure they have much more up their sleeves.

If the first day beat out all other first days I can only imagine what the future will hold.

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Gator said...

Having the foresight to wait many moons after you posted this... In a rare moment of insomnia induced brilliance, I know exactly what your future holds.  Fabulous conferences, Big Bang Boys and  Nerd Triathlons! I totally think that you should wear a bike helmet to the office. Or that skimpy outfit. Oh! I really like the idea of both. It's a win, win. Do work.