Sunday, April 22, 2012

Betty Ford Is Calling

I spent the better part of last week drunk at a conference in DC.  The conference was about how to handle your liquor leadership and getting people passionate about what they do.  Most days consisted of staying up late, drinking way too much, and being very unladylike when there was no bacon at breakfast the morning after training seminars, meetings, and strategic planning.  I learned a lot like don't mix alcohol and wine.

If I had the chance ... I'd do it all over again.


Gator said...

Ah Jeez. I think I peed myself a little. Good work darling! Now then, do you think we could get a discount rate on a shared room over at the BF Clinic? My life these days seems like a taping of professional women gone wild. With my clothes on, thanks very much. Although, temptation for otherwise has been muy grande... My next blog post will read something like, "I really SHOULD have taken that man home from the bar," or "I totally puked all night but I'm fairly certain it was food poisoning."

Much love Sister. Keep up the fantastic work!

Julie said...

Peeing on yourself reminded me of floating the river. I should probably head your way, swimsuit packed, and make a river trip out of it. That way, when we do pee on ourselves, we will fit right in with the other classy folks.

Gator said...

Agreed. Let's schedule that ASAP!