Monday, April 30, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

I celebrated another year of life on Saturday.  And, in case you don’t know me, I REALLY like my birthdays.  I am ungodly annoying when it comes to the day of my birth.  I tend to remind people a month in advance of how many shopping days they have left.  I send out work calendar reminders to co-workers and friends.  I answer my phone, “It’s my birthday!”  (No matter who is calling.)  I go shopping on my birthday just so I can hear “Oh, today is your birthday? Well, happy birthday!  Here’s an extra *whatever I’m shopping for* just for you.”

Yeah, I’m an opportunistic birthday whore.  Don’t judge.

However, I am starting to realize why I love my birthdays so much.  I have lived a very fun life.  And sometimes “fun” means stupid.  Real stupid.  So my birthdays are a celebration of the blessings I’ve been given even though I don’t deserve them.  My birthdays represent all of the people in my life that have allowed me to be “fun” and yet still love me when I’m real stupid.  My birthday is a time for reflection of where I’ve been and lets me marvel at the endless opportunities of where I can go.

So, I’ll continue to be annoying for (hopefully) several years to come.  I’m positive I’m not done with fun.  And I’m pretty sure I’ve got more stupid left in me.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Betty Ford Is Calling

I spent the better part of last week drunk at a conference in DC.  The conference was about how to handle your liquor leadership and getting people passionate about what they do.  Most days consisted of staying up late, drinking way too much, and being very unladylike when there was no bacon at breakfast the morning after training seminars, meetings, and strategic planning.  I learned a lot like don't mix alcohol and wine.

If I had the chance ... I'd do it all over again.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unlearn Everything

Starting a new job requires me to sacrifice time for other things in order to get up to work speed.  One of the things I sacrificed ... writing my blog.  Sue me! 

I really do like my new work digs.  I am literally living in my own version of "Big Bang Theory".  I work with several scientists ... computer scientists.  And, yes, they do like to point out that they are, in fact, scientists.  My lovely, dorky, nerdy guys also create lovely, dorky, nerdy ideas during their lunch hour.  For instance, they have thought up the nerd iron man.  Instead of doing a rigorous swim/bike/run race they want to do a jet ski/scooter/segway race.  And all of the contestants have to dress up in costume ... Ghostbuster, Tron guy, superhero, etc.  *sigh*

My company is pretty fantastic, too.  They want their employees to be well-rounded because the belief is a happy employee is a productive employee.  Walking to and from the kitchen everyone smiles and says hello.  It is not a cult but people are genuinely happy to be at work. 

Which leads me to the hardest part of my job.  I have to unlearn all of the negative things at all of my previous employers.  That is not to say that I've worked at bad places but there was always something the company could be doing better but they didn't have the resources (or mindset) to do it.  At my current place of employment if something is not working right then management wants to discuss it and find a solution to make it better. 



So, if the nerd iron man helps my company to become a leader in our industry then I want to be Wonder Woman.  And I want a pink Segway.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Job

Yesterday was the first day at my new job.  At all of my previous jobs, the first day is kind of lackluster and a lot of sitting around.  First days are filled with new hire paperwork and saying hello to new co-workers.  You know, normal stuff.

However, yesterday was abnormal.  All of the new hire paperwork was done last week.  I did meet and greet several new co-workers but some I have known for a while.  I spent my first day swimming in business and marketing plans, reviewing collateral, attending meetings, developing tasks, and deciphering all of the information thrown in my direction.  WHEW!

My saving grace?  The co-workers.  I work with a group of folks who have tons of talent and a healthy sense of humor.  They kept me laughing most of the day and I figure they have much more up their sleeves.

If the first day beat out all other first days I can only imagine what the future will hold.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pig Out

I saw this adorable pig cupcake a school's rummage and bake sale.  Super cute.
Since they were raising money for their science building I'm pretty sure that means the cupcake has zero calories.