Monday, March 19, 2012

Time Out!

I took my brother and niece to Sweet Firefly, a local ice cream establishment that is family friendly and a throwback to the good ol' days.  The place is definitely a neighborhood establishment and encourages children (and adults who act like kids) to play.  Which is why they have toys readily available for kids to grab, play with and never have to leave the glorious ice cream store.

On our visit, I selected the table and my niece selected the toys.  The three of us enjoyed our ice cream, sorbet, and snow cone while pretending that our toys were fighting over a stolen firefly (poetic, don't ya think?).  And if you have ever created a story with a five year old you understand that each character must have a unique voice.  It is kind of a demanding process.  Especially when you have three characters to portray. 

I should seriously be considered for a Oscar.

Anyhoo, we were enthralled in our story.  I portrayed the danger of our story: crocodile, lion and dinosaur.  My niece explained to me that no good story can go without danger.  (Seriously!  She's FIVE YEARS OLD!)  Well, I didn't really do the dinosaur so much since Jurassic Park scared the Be-Jesus out of me and I have sworn off dinosaurs for good.  So, my dinosaur pretty much stayed extinct (laying on its side next to the napkin dispenser).  But my other characters were mean and bad because they kept stealing the firefly.

During the middle of our epic tale I realized that my niece's toys had stopped interacting with my mine.  I looked up to see that she was eating her sorbet.  WHAT THE?!  Laughing, I yelled, "Ummm ... we are in the middle of a story.  If you want to eat your sorbet you must call a time out.  I'm playing alone over here!"

Needless to say, my brother, my niece, the people working behind the counter, and the other customers laughed.  And I think some pointed.  I don't care. 

Because I'm danger and I'm pretty awesome.

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Shannah said...

I have issues with dinosaurs as well. Major, major issues.