Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Bingo

During my recent visit to Nevada to visit my parents they treated me to a trip to see the solar plant they are helping build.  Pretty impressive in person but below is a picture of the site.
There are three towers to capture the solar power from the surrounding mirrors.  Seriously.  It is more impressive in person.

On our way back to Las Vegas we stopped off at a casino to eat.  And since we happened to be in the neighborhood ... we threw a lot of money in slot machines.  Don't worry.  We won most of it back.  Go us!

We then took another side trip to Goodsprings, Nevada.  The Pioneer Saloon calls Goodsprings home and it was well worth the jaunt off the Interstate to see a piece of history.  Drunken history.  The floor of the bar is the original wooden floor from 1913 and the bar is straight out of the Wild West.  There is also a side room that is full of newspaper clippings of Carole Lombard's death and the relationship of Lombard and Clark Gable.  There is a lot of history in a small space.
Nothing says "classy" like a leg lamp.
The outside area is a great atmosphere for a fun evening.  There are picnic tables and grills available to rent (you can bring your own food to cook).
There is also a special game.  I'm a big fan of playing Bingo drunk (usually with my Colorado friends ... but, again, that's for a different post) but this game has taken it to an all new level.
When I get my backyard chickens ... this WILL happen.

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