Monday, March 12, 2012

Duck House

I have a French drain installed in my driveway to help with storm water runoff.  The drain was installed years before I bought my house.  Before it was installed, my yard would flood each time it rained.  My house was given the nickname "Duck House" because ducks would land in the front yard. 

It rained this weekend in Dallas and even though I don't have the severe flooding issues that my house once had I did have two visitors on Saturday.
I'll name them "Margaret" and "Ted".  Nice couple.  Very quiet.  They were even in my yard on Sunday.  I think they were eating worms or grubs in the yard.
You can see some of the storm water issues I still have but nowhere near as bad as it was before the drain was installed.  I hope Ted and Margaret had a nice weekend visiting.


Cathy H said...

The beautiful thing about ducks is that pond or puddle, they still seem happy.

Julie said...

Or condescending. Ducks are very hard to read.