Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Girl Panties

The weather this weekend was absolutely amazing!  Unfortunately, Saturday still had me in bed most of the day recovering from "The Cold of 2012".  However, Sunday was a different story.  I was determined to get my front yard to a more acceptable level of curb appeal.  Hacking up a lung or not ... my determination was going to plant every pot and clean out every flower bed.

This is what my yard looked like before the transformation ...
Not really my yard or house.  And my yard and house are not nearly as creepy.  But you get the idea.
It took me five hours to turn the soil in my flower bed, fix a storm water drainage issue, discard dead plants, plant new plants, add fertilizer to soil, pull weeds and feed the lawn.  I dug, pulled, hauled, lifted, sorted, and arranged through my yard's makeover.  My potted container near my front door now has lavender, citrus mint, and purple basil to greet my guests.  My hanging plants will soon have strawberries ready to be picked.  The potted flowers have lovely aromatic qualities that will make anyone stop to smell them.  The flower bed has a variety of ornamental landscape grasses that also have blooming flowers.  Spring flowers have been planted in soil and should start to peak through in a week or so. 

Both of cameras ran out of batteries today.  So there are no before or after shots.  But I'm anticipating my front yard to look like this in a few short weeks.
Again, not my house.
While my yard is nowhere near that size I still put my body through the rigorous toils all for the sake of curb appeal vanity.  I figured I would start to feel the pain today.  I was wrong, though.

I felt the pain immediately after I was done.  At one point during yesterday evening I stood up from my couch (which took me about five minutes to convince myself that I needed to stand up because I could not, in fact, live the rest of my life on the couch) and yelped.  After my yelping subsided I then had to give myself a pep talk to take a step.  I literally argued with myself about this one small step.  My body was (and still is) in so much pain.  After my pep talk won out and I took that one step then my universe imploded.  I immediately took more steps because my center of gravity had left my body and if I did not step forward again and again I would have fallen flat on my face.  Again, searing pain in my calves, butt, and hips caused me to catch my breath.  Which, again, almost made me fall flat on my face from passing out.

Now, the real fun begins.  I have to act somewhat civilized when I go to work today.  No more yelping.  No more crying into a beer.  No more happy hour of pain pills.  (Unless that is acceptable at my office ... it might be.)

Plus, I still have to water the newly planted plants at some point.  Oh, my backyard has a garden now, too.  So I have to water those plants as well.  And I have a compost bin.  And that must be tended to.

I can do this.  The pain is temporary but the curb appeal accolades are priceless.  You've heard the phrase "put your big girl panties on and deal with it"?  Well, I'll do just that.  If only my aching back would let me bend over to put those big girl panties on.

Therefore, I hereby claim today as "COMMANDO MONDAY"! 


Cathy H said...

Love it!

Charles said...

Hire a gardener...same pretty look without the eventual trip to Betty Ford for prescription drug abuse.

Julie said...

I'm happy to say that the big girl panties fit just fine. However, I should post a CraigsList ad for a really hot gardener because that would just be entertaining.