Sunday, March 4, 2012

Best Line of the Weekend

Yesterday, I took part in a community service project in Dallas.  I did so because I like giving back to the community ... not because it was court ordered.  The project was to install a garden at a school.

The organizers had an amazing turnout of people: students, parents, neighbors, community organizations.  There were probably 100 people in attendance raking, shoveling, planting, hauling, lifting, and watering.  There was a team atmosphere going on and a lot of community pride in the school and the new garden.  The school is in an urban area and this garden may be the only one that students get to be a part of during their elementary school years.  It may also be the only one that their parents take part in.

Growing up, my family had a garden.  We planted it every spring.  While I hate bugs, I loved going to the garden to see what new vegetables we had.  One year, Dad, who thinks he is quite funny, told my brothers and me we planted a row of Hamburger Helper because we ate so much of it.  Sadly, the row of Hamburger Helper never grew, but the dish was continuously on our dinner table.

Back to the community project, at one point I was helping a parent named "Sherrie" turn the soil in a flower bed.  Sherrie had already commented that she thought it was back breaking labor.  It wasn't, but if you are not used to gardening it would probably seem so. 

Sherrie had the best line of the weekend.  As she was taking a break between shoveling dirt, she stood up, stretched her back and said, "They make this look so easy on Farmville."

Touché, Sherrie.  Touché.

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