Monday, February 13, 2012

Where'd She Go?

I don't know if you have noticed but I have been missing in blog-o-sphere action for a couple of months.  Sure, I sporadically posted items but not at my usual tempo.  The reason?  The schedule for H-E-L-L!

Who would have thunk it that a schedule full of responsiblities would get in the way of my passion of writing about me?! 

Kidding.  Sort of.

One of my brothers continues to ask me why I blog.  My answer: "SHUT UP!" 

Kidding.  Sort of.

Actually, I like blogging because this type of writing is a creative outlet for me.  My day job (and the one that keeps me from partaking in the oldest profession ... prostitution) involves writing technical material.  It is sometimes creative but most of the time I have to write within certain parameters.


The past few months have included holidays (and holiday parties), big projects and deadlines at work, meetings on top of meetings on top of meetings, and a gala event took six months of planning (but could have used eight months of planning).  In other words, it was either meet deadlines or write on my blog.  I chose to be a grown up and meet deadlines.


However, I'm looking forward to the coming months.  My company has hired a great front desk staff member who is helping with some of my work load, I'm attending a conference in April that will help connect me with many wonderful leaders across the country, I'm jetting off to Spain in May with a couple of girlfriends who I haven't seen in years to act like I'm 25 again, and many more fun things in store.  So, I'll sacrifice a few weeks of no blogging in order to gain a few months of personal growth and non-stop hilarity.

Be prepared for the fascinating, awkward, and "Oh No She Didn't" stories that are my life.  It brings me great joy in being able to share these tidbits on my lil' blog.  Plus, I'm still waiting for that book and/or movie deal.  I'm cheap (unless you want to discuss prostitution costs ... which is not part of the deal).

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Cathy_H said...

Yes. I noticed. But was too polite to say anything.